IMA is here to help you improve your bottom line through:

  1. Resource Data - Over 75 policies & forms for your Human Resources Department

  2. Up-to-date Surveys: Top Management, Wage (Factory & Distribution), Salary (Non-exempt & Exempt), Practices & Benefits Survey

  3. Publications including: IMA Update - Employment Regulations & Relations Newsletter

  4. "Hot Line" for answers to your every day questions

  5. HR on a Disk series: Employee Handbook, The Unique Role of the First Line Supervisor - Supervisory Manual, Negotiations / Strike Preparation Manual, Language & Forms needed for your Affirmative Action Program, Audit Checklist, For the Growing Business, The Business Plan, Road Map to Success

  6. Discounted consulting services and a quick source to help grow your business

  7. Discounted products, insurance, employee search, and software

  8. Training programs to keep you current on the latest technologies and trends

  9. Networking events to meet and discuss problems and ideas with your competitors, customers and suppliers

  10. Links to your Web Page & listed in directory

  11. Regulation Compliance & Management Seminars

  12. As a group, the IMA makes a larger impact than a single company fighting for pro-business reforms alone.